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MBK Marketing Solutions


MBK Marketing Solutions has worked with some of the most reputable health care systems and medical practices in the Mid Atlantic region. MBK specializes in brand strategy, marketing research, search engine optimization, digital marketing, client relationship management solutions, social media and blog management.

Clients: Clients


Branding-Digital Marketing

PRISM Vision Group is the largest private-equity backed independent ophthalmology administrative services organization (ASO) in the Mid-Atlantic region.  PRISM is home to 20 general ophthalmology practices and the largest network of retina care providers in the country with 80 locations and more than 130 physicians. 

We have worked with this client from the very beginning, acting as a key consultant to the executive leadership team and board, we led the organizations brand launch in 2019 which included developing the brand identity, corporate name, branding standards, logo architecture, communication guidelines, and website design.   

We also, developed a consumer centric technology stack which included a real-time online appointment scheduling program, automated patient communication solutions, a turn key reputation management program, hardwired an enterprise-wide patient experience program, and launched a telemedicine product as well as managed a comprehensive digital marketing campaign which include PPC, social and digital display.   


Physician Relations Program

With a focus on network referrals to a large group of orthopaedic and general surgeons this client asked us to evaluate and then develop a market driven, provider centric referral relationship program. The physician liaison program was guided by our tested playbook, which included tactical marketing steps, staffing, data analysis, scripting, benchmarks, measurements and key KPI's. The program has not only successfully guided them in growing new patient volume, market share, revenue and provider referrals, but also has captured an extremely strong return on investment of more than 20:1.


Starting Small-B2B Marketing

MBK Marketing Solutions has worked with this IT Consulting, Salesforce Partner client in developing their brand identity and launching a comprehensive B2B digital marketing program.  We launched their brand and initiated their first external marketing strategy in support of their business objectives. Together, we have achieved outstanding returns on investment, generated profitable leads, automated their communication channels, developed innovative content, and established their voice, all while driving profitable revenue across their business lines.


Brand Research & Messaging

This client was attempting to identify its brand position and asked us to complete a series of stakeholder interviews to measure brand awareness, messaging, current communication channels and stakeholder engagement. Based on our final comprehensive research summary report which identified key gaps and opportunities, we then provided the client with an in-depth strategic communications plan including a core message guide, channels of distribution and a social media matrix.


Brand Strategy & Architect

With a variety of services designed to improve the health of families across the region this non-profit client asked us to evaluate their brand position and the connection or brand alignment between a variety of independent services that were part of their portfolio and the parent organizations' brand identity.   We conducted the marketing research which included both qualitative and quantitative methods. Our summary report profiled the overall marketing, messaging and brand identity element challenges which led to us to manage the development of a new logo platform and brand architecture options and a comprehensive core messaging guide.


Did You Know!

We were asked to develop a comprehensive internal branding campaign for Cape Regional to increase staff engagement with their social media channels and knowledge of the systems comprehensive network of services. After a series qualitative studies,  "Did You Know" became not only an award winning internal branding campaign using an innovative engagement method, but also a key organizational process in driving employee satisfaction, brand awareness and staff engagement using a variety of social media channels.


New Patient Acquisition Analysis

This client approached us for consultation on the challenges in scheduling new patient appointments.  We conducted a series of mystery shopper surveys which identified clear pain points in the scheduling process and led us to the conclusion that an online, real-time appointment scheduling program was a key to drive increased access and higher levels of customer satisfaction. We're thrilled to see the solution thrive as a leading new patient acquisition strategy.


A Fresh Start

We managed a comprehensive market research assessment study to determine this North Carolina integrated health systems' position in the market, their growth prospects, business line opportunities, brand position, utilization and level of service awareness as part of a general re-branding initiative.


Community Awareness

MBK Marketing Solutions conducted a series of focus groups to assist the health system in measuring the level of awareness, preference, utilization and the core strengths of their systems product lines compared to the competition as part of their annual strategic planning process.


CRM Solution

MBK worked with this client to assist them in developing a a framework for a comprehensive. service line CRM solution.  The tech stack analysis project included leading the strategic planning sessions, preparing the RFP, developing marketing guidelines and managing the onsite presentations. The project led to a systemwide CRM solution.


Department Budget Analysis

After many years in the industry, this client asked us to help them evaluate their current marketing budget, department structure and media allocations.  Our final plan assisted them in hardwiring new media allocations, effectively measuring ROI using industry KPI's and reallocating resources to better achieve optimum results.

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