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Image by Austin Distel

Brand Management

Corporate Communications

Digital Marketing

We begin every brand engagement by checking the heart and soul of our client’s brand. Our time-tested and proven process drives business results and maximizes brand value whether you are working through a merger, acquisition, integration, product line rebrand or simply a new name.  From stakeholder interviews, to broad based surveys, core messaging strategies, spot-on positioning statements and style guides, we help you connect both you and your clients (and customers) with your brand.

Every touchpoint and interaction is an opportunity to communicate your brand message and support your company’s culture. Whether we are crafting core messaging platforms and strategies for your customers, stakeholders, staff or prospects, our playbook reflects over 30 years of the best practices in corporate communication.

How many times have you been asked how best to maximize search results, be at the top of the list or find new customers through the internet?  We have heard it all and respond with the best solutions to help our clients build website volume, engage more customers online through search or social channels, and capture some of the lowest costs per new customer acquisition benchmarks. We prove it for our clients with best practices in SEO, SEM website design and sharing the right KPI’s to grow your business.

Employee Brand Engagement
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Employee Brand Engagement

Department Structures & Staffing

Marketing Research & Customer Segmentation

Your best brand ambassadors come from within your organization. But sometimes even the best built brands face the challenge of connecting its employees with its mission. We offer a customized internal branding solution to engage employees and build brand identity from within your own walls.  We know what it takes to engage employees and create a culture they are proud to represent.

We have over 30 years of experience in developing marketing departments, establishing budgets, creating internal advertising departments and putting the right marketing team members in the right seats.  So, if your challenge is establishing the right team with a solid structure and an appropriate budget, we have the tools to help, including turnkey marketing plans.

A strong brand requires sound insights from customers and prospects.  We manage a wide variety of research platforms to help brands identify opportunities, gaps in the market, brand position and consumer expectations.  From focus groups, to personal stakeholder interviews and large quantitative studies, we can provide insight and strategically advise best steps to hit on your brand’s top touchpoints.

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