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Proving Value: How to Leverage Your Digital Campaigns to Build Brand Equity and Show Real Results

More than ever, healthcare marketing strategists find themselves on the hot seat challenged to prove value, embrace new pathways to communicate and convince the c-suite that marketing dollars are being allocated correctly.

By specifically developing the correct media plan and digital marketing mix you can capture the right website traffic to drive business results and encourage consumers to read your content, engage with your providers and schedule appointments.

In fact, in a consumer-centric healthcare marketing model you should lead with low cost digital marketing campaigns to capture new market share, grow patient volume, enhance brand equity and improve social media engagements in both small and large markets.

Digital marketing is irresistible to many healthcare brands and for good reason. It requires a small budget, can generate outstanding cost-per-lead metrics, reasonable cost-per-patient acquisitions and that’s just the start – it is also appealing due to the amount of data you can capture, which offer deeper insights for future campaigns. It’s also flexible from a creative and placement standpoint.

Some Tips for Success:

Choose the right channels. Successful campaigns require a balanced mix based on your market segments media habits and service lines. Some service lines capture better results through social channels, while others respond better to search campaigns.

Be consistent. Make sure your creative and messaging is relevant to your target audiences in every channel, search, social and display. Focus on results by using clear and strong calls to action.

Focus on conversions. You need more than website visits and impressions – you need unique call-to-action messages which create engagement and lead to appointments. Collect the data and determine what’s working and what’s not.

Develop a compelling story. Digital allows you tell authentic, unique, consistent and relevant brand stories in real time. You can adjust campaigns midway based on interactions, events and feedback.

Be true to your brand. You may be compelled to be more hip or trendy when using digital channels. However, if that isn’t your brand—don’t fake it. Brand authenticity speaks volumes regardless of channel.

Want to hear more about how a small healthcare system leveraged digital marketing to scale and built brand equity? Contact me at or explore more of my thought leadership.

MBK Proving Value
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