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Message Received: Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Campaign to Reach Your Patients

As we continue to adjust to our new normal, do you find yourself facing the challenge of attracting new patients and rescheduling lost appointments, while trying to communicate that it is safe for patients to come in?

If so, don’t feel bad – many practices are experiencing the same frustrations. That’s why using creative, relevant and unique digital marketing campaigns can help. Sending the right message, at the right time, through the right channel is crucial to getting the results you desire.

Here are five ways to reach your patients:

  • Optimize the patient experience on your website. Create pages with specific safety messages, social proof points through testimonials and hardwire the message so they remain relevant over time.

  • Develop practice-specific safety videos with no cost using your team members. It’s authentic, original and relevant. Plus, it profiles your safety measures!

  • Use email. Communicate once or twice a month to your current patient base outlining your changes with a link to your video.

  • Make sure your staff is trained not only on the new safety measures but how to handle patient push-backs and reservations. Train, script and mystery shop!

  • Launch a digital marketing campaign to expand your reach. Search, display and social media all play well here.

Are you now wondering, “If I put in the work, will it be a success?”

To put it simply – yes. Here’s why:

With an MBK client, we took all of the steps above and then some to build a meaningful campaign that reached patients using the right (and multiple) channels. In less than four months we delivered over 1,000 appointment requests which resulted in 500 scheduled appointments of which 100 were new patients. Patient email open rate averaged 45% with over a 10% click-through rate. Pay-per-click and social media captured a 3.00 CTR and a cost per lead of less than $25.00.

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